Currently I offer a variety of consulting and educational services either directly through my company, Cimarron International, LLC or one of my partner companies,, Inc. or


I specialize in the design of unique forecasting systems to solve complex real world problems is most any domain. My approach includes classic statistical methods, neural networks, genetic algorithms, complexity theory and other contemporary methods; however, often I will design a new analytical process (as in the development of the CHARMS nano-logic system for Experian) in order to solve the problem.


  • Sales or Performance Forecasting Systems
  • Risk Analysis
  • Cannibalization / Recovery Analysis
  • Market Planning & Optimization
  • Chain Acquisition
  • Retail Portfolio Evaluation
  • Multi-Channel Customer Acquisition
  • General problem analysis and consulting
  • Silver Bullet Workshop: An intensive two-day workshop for a retail chain designed to evaluate the current analytical approaches to site selection and market planning and make recommendations for improvements.
  • Silver Bullet Webinar Series: An introduction to the Silver Bullet Workshop presented in a series of one-hour webinars.