Dr. Richard Fenker is an Emeritus Professor of Psychology, author, photographer and inventor who specializes in the design of complex forecasting systems. His work and interests span many disciplines but he is best known as a teacher/researcher in sport psychology, fine art photography, retail forecasting and human consciousness. He is author of ten books including "Stop Studying: Start Learning", "The Site Book: A Guide to Commercial Real Estate Evaluation", "Where Rainbows Wait for Rain: The Big Bend", "BrandScore: How Retailers Find Their Place" and is currently finishing a book on Alzheimer's Disease titled "The Long Moment".

Richard and his wife Marilyn live in Santa Fe, New Mexico and are proud parents of two daughters, Mia and Elise. Richard with his partner Dr. Lynn Cherry and Patrick Lane founded TheRetailPlanet.com, an Internet company that does forecasting for retail products and locations. Richard has been a photographer since 1976 and specializes in panoramic landscapes and abstract works based on natural objects or designs. His website, LandscapePhotographer.net contains a broad selection of his work.